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Blessed marine automation provides Calibration, Automation, Instrumentation, Communication & Navigation, Electrical Installation & Repair and Remote Assistance 24/7 365 days a year, trunked PLC and electrical works.


Blessed marine automation is a company which is founded on innovation. We offer services in Communication & Navigation, Calibration & Instrumentation, Electrical & Automation and Remote Assistance. blessed marine automation has always been an innovator in the Global Marine Industry. Already known for its superior quality, professionalism, and on-time delivery, today blessed marine automation has entered the next level with marine equipment sales and services ensuring minimum downtime and cost-effectiveness to the end user.


Blessed marine automation provides the supply, installation and repair of marine communication and navigation systems of multiple makes and models. We offer wide range of services including basic repair and overhaul, component base repairing, and engineering service.


Blessed marine automation Services have dedicated and clean room for various instrument calibrations. We use specialized and calibrated calibration meters for calibration. Our skilled calibration Engineers have standards to calibrate all Tank Level Gauges, 15PPM OWS, ODME, UTI Tapes, Gas Sampling systems, Fixed Gas Detection systems, Pressure gauges and Thermometers, Analog Instruments onboard your vessels. Our robust mechanism ensures quality and reliability in shipboard instrumentation, making you primed to comply with international and regional regulations.


Blessed Marine Automation specializes in the supply, installation and repair of marine electrical and automation systems such as control panels, alarm and monitoring systems, gas detection systems, boiler control, and navigational systems. Among other industries, Blessed Marine Automation has successfully installed Boiler Control Systems Air-Dryer Pump Control Systems Power Management Systems Building etc. Among other things, Blessed Marine Automation has done services related to ICCP, power management units, and general automation jobs - to name just a few.


With our newly introduced Remote Assistance Service, blessed marine automation provides REMOTE ASSITANCE 24/7. We employed dedicated team, available at all time ZONE. Our team, specialized equipment-wise, will advise ship staff on the flow and way the fault findings are to be carried out. At Blessed Marine Automation, our aim to get the equipment back to working or find appropriate spare at next available opportunity anywhere in the world. If not able to identify the fault, our experienced service team will attend the vessel on next available opportunity.


Blessed marine automation offers all types of Equipment Inspections, Services and Certifications.

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