You can always rely on our team of well-trained engineers and technicians to provide you with the right solutions, 24/7. We offer inspections and calibrations of fixed and portable gas systems onboard.

  • Fixed gas detection system
  • Portable gas detection system


We are capable of performing Radio Surveys of GMDSS Equipment. Our Radio Surveyors are certified by leading Class Authorities and are trained and equipped with modern test equipment to carry out Radio Surveys and Inspections on GMDSS installations for all categories of vessels. The list of authorized Class Authorities is as follows:

  • ABS
  • DNV
  • IRS
  • Bureau Veritas


Blessed Marine Automationhas the certification to carry out an Annual Performance Test (APT) for many brands' (Simplified) Voyage Data Recorder systems (S)VDR. Our team runs these tests to determine that a vessel’s VDR or SVDR is fully operational, as defined in the manufacturers’ specifications. Blessed Marine Automation is authorized by the following manufacturers for APT and maintenance on their VDR/ SVDR systems.

  • Headway

Other Services

  • Hydrostatic release unit
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • CO2 Cylinder
  • Galley CO2 System
  • Alcohol Meters
  • Foam Applicator
  • EEBD Sets
  • Fixed CO2 System
  • Wet Chemical System
  • Tachometers

We have experience of successfully completion of electrical wiring, installation of all navigation, Radio equipment and Automation equipment for new building vessels.
We are in partnership with Shanghai marine services for worldwide attendance for the SAMSUNG ENGINE ROOM ALARM SYSTEM