Blessed Marine Automation is comprised of professional and highly qualified engineers who have specialized in radio engineering, marine electrical engineering, electrical & automation engineering. Our highly experienced and dedicated team of skilled service engineers, instrumentation engineers, technical managers, chief engineers and Ex superintendents are capable of providing best-in-class, reliable & cost-effective solutions. Our specially trained staff who are trained from manufacturers and makers have more than 150 years of combined onboard sailing and shore-based experience. Blessed Marine Automation offers 24/7 immediate troubleshooting assistance at a phone call.


To offer the best possible experience to all our clients, to provide exceptional service and bring success in every project and to have a higher success rate. To innovate fastidiously as a top-tier marine service provider for major shipping companies.


To be a dynamic and innovative company with a passionate commitment to provide superbly designed equipment and best in class sales and service to all customers, thereby contributing to the development of the Marine industry.


Blessed Marine Automation has built for itself an unshakable reputation based on quality, efficiency, trust, superlative designs and timely delivery. Manned by highly qualified veteran engineers and equipped with the latest technology, we aspire to continue the service and delivery of products of international standards.

Our Offices

Blessed Marine Automation has been able to expand its operation globally while maintaining offices in Singapore, India, UAE, Amsterdam and UK, which allows us to work around the clock and fulfil any potential demands. With multiple locations all over the world, Blessed Marine Automation is equipped to service customers anywhere they may need it.

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